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Iconic Decluttering Cards

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Turn decluttering into a fun game with Iconic Decluttering Cards!

These Decluttering Cards include 90 printable cards that feature bite-sized decluttering tasks, so that you can turn decluttering into a fun challenge!


  • Easily make daily decluttering progress, without putting in a lot of effort.
  • Turn decluttering into a fun challenge, making it seem more like a game than a chore.
  • Involve family members in a fun & easy way.
  • Make big decluttering progress in a small amount of time every day.
  • Declutter the most important areas of your home and free your home from clutter.


    • A digital PDF download with 90 decluttering cards that will help you take action on the clutter in your home.
    • Every card features just one quick item or area to declutter, with colorful icons that show you exactly what you need to declutter each day.
    • Helpful instructions with the best ways to use the cards to make the most decluttering progress in a short amount of time.


    Think of these as your ticket to a clutter-free home. The Decluttering Cards are designed to break down the decluttering process into small, easy tasks.

    With these cards, you'll be able to easily make daily decluttering progress. They'll help you turn decluttering into a daily habit.

    Get the family involved and turn decluttering into a fun game with these Decluttering Cards!


    1. Print the cards on heavy paper and cut them out.

    2. Shuffle the cards and pick a new one every day. Make more progress by getting family members involved!

    3. Follow the instructions on your card to declutter the item you've chosen that day.

    4. Repeat daily until you've gone through all the cards & decluttered your home! Reuse the cards as needed to keep your home clutter free.

    *This is a digital product in PDF format. Nothing will be sent in the mail. The file will be available to instantly download after your purchase.

    This product is for personal use only. It is not to be shared, altered, copied, or sold without permission.

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