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The Ultimate Decluttering Cheat Sheets

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Fast track your way to a clutter-free home with the Ultimate Decluttering Cheat Sheets!

These Decluttering Cheat Sheets feature bite-sized decluttering instructions and guidance in an easy-to-read format, so that you can get started decluttering right away (instead of spending hours reading through a book or manual)!

These beautifully designed cheat sheets are a powerful decluttering shortcut in a small package!


  • Get organized and be able to easily see at-a-glance the steps you need to follow to ensure decluttering success.
  • Get exactly the information you need (and none of the stuff you don't) to successfully declutter your home.
  • Spend less time learning how to declutter your home, and more time actually doing it!
  • Confidently take control of your clutter and start clearing it from your home ASAP!


    • A digital PDF download with 30+ pages of beautifully designed cheat sheets that will help you take action on the clutter in your home.
    • The steps you need to prepare for decluttering--get motivated and inspired, and set yourself up for success before you even start decluttering!
    • Instructions for decluttering, guidance on deciding what stays & goes, and helpful suggestions for places to take the things you're getting rid of--to take all the guesswork out of decluttering!
    • A decluttering planner, checklists, progress tracker, motivational cards, reflection worksheet, and more--to help you plan and keep track of everything!


    Think of these as your secret shortcut to decluttering your home. These cheat sheets have been thoughtfully designed to give you a quick win when it comes to decluttering.

    They'll tell you exactly what you need to know about decluttering at a glance, with none of the fluff.

    Each page is packed full of helpful decluttering information in a visual format that can be beautifully displayed on your refrigerator (or wherever you find it helpful)!

    These cheat sheets are short and to-the-point, and they can be easily used for quick reference when decluttering.


    *This is a digital product in PDF format. Nothing will be sent in the mail. The file will be available to instantly download after your purchase.

    This product is for personal use only. It is not to be shared, altered, copied, or sold without permission.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Best Purchase in a Long time!!

    I am now YOUR BIGGEST FAN!! I got started right away with these easy to use checklists that were so comprehensive they are FOOL PROOF!! I started right away with planning and gathering all the tools, then my weekend was spend putting it all in action. It was helpful to have an accountability buddy to help with the tough purge items. As of Today the Main Bedroom Suite, formal family room and half the Kitchen IS DONE!! 4 medium boxes and 2 large bags are being picked up and/or dropped off TODAY, one box of books is heading to the library tomorrow and I can't wait to get started on the remaining rooms!! Thanks Celeste THESE CHECKLISTS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

    Kellie Kicklighter
    Easy to use

    Easy to use straight forward!

    Robin Parker
    Loving it so far!

    I get overwhelmed easy and finding this reassuring! I always felt like it was all or nothing but even small wins are wins!

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